Timing Belt and Cam Belt Replacement

Timing Belt or Cam Belt replacement is an essential part of your vehicle maintenance routine and not replacing them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended guidelines can lead to belt failure and result in serious damage to your engine.

IMPORTANT! Is Your Vehicle Fitted With A Wet Belt?

Many manufacturers are now using cam belts that are encased within the engine and lubricated by the engine oil, these are known as Wet Belts.

Wet Belts are stated to have a much longer lifespan, however the manufacturers stated replacement intervals are proving to be unrealistic with wet belts deteriating and failing very early in their lifespan, usually due to poor service maintenance and using incorrect engine oil which speeds the degredation of the belt.

Manufacturers and vehicles that use wet belts include but are not limited to:

  • FORD (across the range)
  • and more...

Due to the encased nature of wet belts a visual inspection isn't possible but there are some telltale signs that your wet belt might be failing.

To find out if you have a wet belt in your vehicle Call Us on 01202 733300 for a free and friendly chat.

As the Water Pump is often driven by the Cam Belt it's a perfect opportunity to check the gasket and bearings of the water pump as this is the most cost effective time to make a repair should it be necessary.

External (Dry) Cam Belts are usually under an easy to remove cover so we suggest you ask for a visual inspection of the cam belt fitted to your vehicle next time it's being serviced. If you are unsure of the mileage since the belt was last changed or if you've had the vehicle from new, The Forge Van Centre can advise you on when replacement is due.

At Forge Van Centre we are specialits in Cam Belt, Wet Belt and also Timing Chain replacement staying up to date with manufacturer recommendations fitting only top quality replacements from the original manufacturer and in the case of wet belts using the specific oli for your vehicle.

The damage caused by a failing cam belt can be extensive, then add in possible vehicle recovery costs and downtime, this makes the cost of a cam belt replacement exceptionally good value for money when it comes to reducing the maintenance costs and the earning potential your vehicle gives you.

Call on 01202 733300 for a free and friendly chat about Cam Belt maintenance for your vehicle.

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